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  1. jewelry display cases wholesale Agate is also used as coding, agate, horse brain, etc., which is a type of chalcedony mineral. It is often mixed with the tattoo block of protein and cryptocrystalline. The hardness is 7-7.5 degrees. There are levels. There are transparent or opaque. The original three -party crystal system. It is often caused by dense blocks to form various structures, such as breasts, grape -like, tuberculosis, etc., commonly constructing concentric circles. Commonly used as accessories or rewards. In ancient funerals, adult agate balls were often seen. Natural agate does not have green, but the use of artificial methods can turn agate into green. The processed agate is very beautiful and shiny. The color is different, depending on the type and extraordinarity of the impurities it contains, it is usually distributed in a strip -shaped, concentric ring -shaped, cloud -like or branches. Other colors are also available. Bar marks are white or near white. Wax -like luster, transparent to transparent, commonly used as accessories or rewards. In ancient funerals, adult agate balls were often seen. There are many colors such as green, red, yellow -brown, white and other colors with different colors. According to patterns and impurities, they can be divided into agate, entangled silk agate, mossic agate, castle agate, etc. It is commonly used as a gamer or ornamental.

    This Chinese names
    Foreign name Agate; Carnelian
    n color red, white, yellow, blue black purple green gray brown et al. n gloss waxy luster
    transparentness is translucent to opaque
    crystal system
    R n Failing shell-like
    Hardness 6.5-7
    Crispy crispy
    Mineral density 2.6-2.7
    . Crafts, Wenwan, Jewelry, Collection
    distributed in Fuxin, Liaoning Province, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States and other places
    Fans of fans and Tibetan singers descended


    has many types of agate. Slice, graphic agate, aquatic agate, marine chalcedony, landscape agate, pattern agate, shadow agate and other general names), south red agate, Warring States red agate, rockan agate, red agate, green agate, firing agate, Gobi, Gobi, Gobi Agate, grape agate, etc. [1]
    The shape

    The dense blocks often form a variety of structures, such as breasts, grape -like, tuberculosis, etc., common ones are concentric circles. The color is not

    The red agate of the Warring States Period
    , depending on the types and excessive impurities of the impurities, usually in a strip -shaped, concentric ring -shaped, cloud -shaped or branched distribution, white and branches, with white and branches. Gray, brown and reddish brown are the most common, as well as black, blue and other colors. Bar marks are white or near white. Wax -like luster, translucent to transparent. Shell -shaped fracture. Mo's hardness 7 and density 2.6-2.7 grams per cubic centimeter.
    is irregularly blocking, nearly flat and cylindrical (the excess part of the processing crafts). Red, orange -red to dark red and milky white, gray -white. Bar marks white. translucent. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the glass luster; some are uneven and wax -like luster. The body is light, hard and crispy, and easy to crush. The section can be seen with the concentric ripple with the point of the stress point as the center of the heart, which looks like a shell. With sharp edges and corners, the glass can be carved and scratched. No smell, light taste. Fast rubbing is not easy to heat. It is better to be strong, red, and transparent.
    2 materialized nature

    chemical ingredients

    The main ingredients are silicon dioxide. Repeat layer. [2] Because it is mixed with oxidized metal, the color can be from extremely lighter and dark. With iron, cobalt, nickel and other salts, they naturally penetrate into siliconate gels and can be artificially made into "agate". Natural agate may also be generated in similar situations.
    The formation process of formation

    This of agate is very far away. About 100 million years ago, underground magma sprayed a lot due to the changes in the crust. When the lava was cooled, the vapor and other gases formed a bubble. The bubbles are blocked when the rock is frozen to form many holes. After a long time, the holes are immersed in a solution containing silicon dioxide and condensed into silicone. The melting ingredients containing iron rocks enter the silicone, and the final silicon crystallization is agate.
    3 distribution range
    . Edit

    In silica colloidal solution of various colors, filled with the cracks or caves of the rock.

    Thenan agate carvings
    The famous agate producing areas in the world are: China, India, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Egypt, Australia, Mexico and other countries. Mexico, the United States, and Namibia also produced agate with lace -like strips, called "lace agate". Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Montana also produced "landscape agate". Our agate origin is also widely distributed. Almost all provinces are available. Famous producing areas are: Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, etc.
    4 agate culture
    Pixel pattern agate

    Itapped pattern agate --- Sijun
    The texture is hard, glue, unatient, high-temperature optimization, and pictographs can be recognized and recognized by most people The resonance pictographic agate is the best collection. Due to different personal knowledge experience, imagination, and appreciation habits, there will be a huge difference in appreciation, which is a statement of this industry. The greatest fun to appreciate the pictographic agate is the continuous discovery process. Appreciating the process of baptism, shock, shock and resonance of pictographic agate is the process of enjoyment and satisfaction of the admiral. Bringing fun and future appreciation potential is the key point of this collection.
    The historical records of pictographic agate are very small. The earliest records of pictographic agate were the "Yunlin Stone Spectrum" by the literati of the Song Dynasty. The texture rotation is like brushing silk, and there are people in the middle of the characters and beasts. Turks often seek to be sold, and they are in the city. Baojishan and Zhaoxin County, Sizhou, are strange textures. The county magistrate [forgot its name] Get a stone in the villagers. " The "dragon" image of the "dragon" pattern of this one after grinding, people contribute to the emperor as a treasure. The agate river, which produces this dragon image, has flowed through Yichang, Dangyang, and Zhijiang in Yichang District, Hubei Province. (Note: Yidu County, Xiazhou, today's Zhicheng City, Hubei Province. Gorge is equivalent to Yichang, Yuan'an, Yidu and other places in today's Hubei Province.)
    "Museum to Lay" written by Gu Tai in the Ming Dynasty ( "Apocalypse (1621-1627)) wrote" Agate is non -stone and non -jade, it is one category. There are three types of red, white, and black. The big man is the most expensive of the characters, flowers and birds. "(Written by Cao Zhao (Ming)) The book is in the twenty -first year of Hongwu (1388). The book records" Agate is more northern, Nanfan and West Fan are also available. It is better to look at the bowls of the bowls and the utensils, and it is better to crush it with thin and not stones. Among them, people, birds and beasts are the best. " It is the collection of pictographic agate.
    The agate mining, processing productivity, and its low hardness, high hardness of agate ore, and difficulty in mining. The saying of ”砣 砣 砣 的 的. Pixel pattern agate formation itself is extremely accidental. The rough stones are cut, vertical, and inclined. "Thousands of miles of fallacy", these reasons have led to the rare real estate of pictographic agate. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has more disasters and difficulties. It's rare. There are only the Palace Museum in China and the Klingmlin Gem Museum in Russia. Agate is an important part of the Gobi agate. It is mainly distributed in the vast Gobi Beach of Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia
    n The agate stones found in the Shanzuoqi area are the best quality, and they were first discovered and promoted. Therefore, people named this stone species as Alashan agate. Alashan agate has a hard texture and rich colors. The sunny rain has formed a strange look. Because of the rich and gorgeous form of Alashan agate, it is loved and treasured by more and more stone enthusiasts. , The texture of the sculpture is delicate and rich in color, and the pretty agate is most favored by the sculptor; the strange stone is mainly based on the two categories of strange and rare shapes and pictographs.
    First, the "pictograph" is one of the standards of stones recognized by the stone appreciation world. The Ara Salaes agate pictographs are particularly favored by the world. It is a creation of nature ghost ax, a cultural cultivation and good eye -seeking wisdom of stone appreciation enthusiasts. Pixel stone is life and soul.
    The origin of the name of agate

    The ancient Mongolians saw the color of agate and the beautiful pattern. I thought it was a stone that changed from the horse's brain, so Sanskrit called it "horse brain".

    The red agate sculpture of the Warring States Period
    "Agate" was written as "horse brain" in the early days. Book. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Kumorosh translated the "Miao Dharma Lotus Sutra": "Horse brain, Brahma, the Clouds of Wetmor Mojie", "The color is like a horse brain, so from the name of the other." The monk Huilin of the Tang Dynasty explained the "All Scriptures": "The" ASMAR-), this cloud "horse" also, "-gubha), brain also.
    " It is also said that during the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Yong and his father Cao Cao sought Wusheng north. The preface said: "Horse brain, jade genus also, out of the Western region, the literary and sciences are intertwined, there is a horse brain, so the people are famous for their names. Or the neck, or to decorate. It is done. "
    The scholars analyzed that agate said that the number of people in my country at that time was limited, mostly from the western region, India, Persia, Japan and other countries. These tributes are often an important way to understand this baby. Since the introduction of Buddhism into China, translators considers "horse brain jade", so they cleverly translated into "agate". As Buddhism was introduced to China, it had a profound impact on Chinese culture, and the names such as "Joan" and "Red Jade" were gradually replaced by "agate".
    academic research

    The Northeast writer Tang Weiyi, Mr. Zhang Hongzhao and the material of the family, may be agate, and proposed the " Green agate said that Heta is a rare and rare and rare tire grass green agate.

    1. Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. , Symbolize friendly love [3]

    Thenan agate sculpture
    and hope.
    2. In Western magic, teach people to write their wishes on a piece of paper, After the folding bag is proper, after meditation, put it in the agate cornucopia, at least one day and one night, let the energy stimulate and strengthen it. After removing, the cremation is burned, and the power of the fire will be transmitted to the nature. I can think of things.
    3. Wearing agate in summer is not only fashionable, beautiful but also to cool down, prevent heat stroke.
    4. Agate is used as a gem or craft product with its rich colors and beauty. It can also be used to make industrial supplies such as bearing, agate bodies, agate milk bowls such as agate, agate milk bowl. The production process of high -quality agate is strict and advanced, so the surface of the surface is good, inlaid firm, Zhou Zheng, no scratches and cracks. Level level

    是玛瑙中有封闭的空洞其中含有水。rn各种级别的玛瑙,都以红、蓝、紫、粉红为最好,并且要求透明、无杂质、无沙心、无裂纹;其中, Those weighing more than 4.5 kg are special grades, with more than 1.5 kg of 1.5 kg, and 0.5-1.5 kg as the second level.
    The pictographic agate can form pictographic patterns (elephant characters, landscapes, landscapes, landscapes, landscapes , Flowers, birds, fish, worms, landscapes, water plants, etc.), very collectible.

    Itapped pattern agate --- magma surge
    agate stones have availability Natural colors are also processed after processing. Natural colors are mainly red, amber and white. Among them, red is the best. Blue and purple agate jewelry sold on the market are not their own color, and they are dyed after processing. , After a few years, the color will appear. Most of the dyed agate is naturally mixed, and it is not easy to process it directly into jewelry. How to identify authentic agate jewelry? It can be identified in three aspects.

    people's judgment of the quality and economic value of agate generally uses the naked eye recognition as the main means. Although modern science and technology are developed and there are many various jade appraisal instruments, it is inconvenient to use these instruments during the transaction process. The second is that the problem cannot be solved. The reason is very simple. It is useless. It is impossible to perform complex instrument operations at the trading site, so the identification of the naked eye is always an extremely important method. There are many types of agate. There are "thousands of agate", so there are many ways to identify. Usually, the tape, color, transparency, cracks, impurities, sand hearts, and block weights are used as grading standards. In addition to the most precious water bile agate, generally use it It is a good product with harmonious pretty raw materials.
    In general, all agate should be: beautiful patterns; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; good transparency, semi -transparent; no cracks, sandless hearts, no impurities. The quality of that quality depends on the weight. The identification of the quality of agate and the evaluation of economic value are as follows:
    1. Special: Block weighing about 5 kg.
    2. Level first: Block weighs about 2-5 kg.
    3. Tier 2: Block weighs about 0.5-2 kg.
    4. Level 3: Block weighing less than 0.5 kg.
    The color of the pattern

    This is bright and bright, and the color and light of the fake agate are worse. The contrast between the two is more obvious. Natural agate has clear colors, and stripes are very obvious, and most of the imitation fake agate colors are bright and uniform, giving a false feeling.

    It-shaped pattern agate ---- feather
    Fake agate is mostly imitated by stone, which is soft and soft. The genuine product cannot be drawn. On the surface, there are few flaws in real agate, and there are many inferiority. Transparency
    The transparency of real agate is not as high as synthetic, slightly chaotic, and some can see natural water lines or "cloud color", and the synthetic agate is transparent, as transparent as glass balls.

    This jewelery is more heavier than artificially synthetic agate jewelry.
    The texture and temperature

    The agate is warm in winter and cool in summer, and artificial agate changes with the temperature of the outside world. What about? First of all, choose the color according to your own love. Red agate jewelry is the most expensive. If you choose agate necklaces, you must pay attention to the shades of the color of each bead. There is no mixed color. The size of the beads should be appropriate. , Lifting the necklace to see if it is vertical, whether each bead is hanging on one line. If the necklace is bent, this shows that the eyes of some beads are biased and the processing process is rough. [4]
    6 Favorite Maintenance

    The maintenance method

    First, be careful not to collide with hard objects or drop. In the soft jewelry box

    It-shaped pattern agate-Shanhai
    . Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap, or human sweat to prevent erosion and affect the brightness of agate.
    Secondly, pay attention to avoid heat sources, such as sunlight, stoves, etc., because agate will swell when heat, and the increase of the molecular gap affects jade. Continuous contact with high temperature will cause agate to burst.
    Thiels usually avoid the sun as much as possible, and often wipe and keep it clean. If you have conditions, you can use pure water soaking in pure water to replenish water, and keep the humid agate more beautiful. When small accessories are not worn, it is best to put it in a dark and humid place. The storage environment close to the original ecology of agate is the best. Especially in the formation period, natural water is stored in the formation period. If the current surrounding environment is dry, it will cause cause The natural water evaporation inside loses the art and economic value of its collection.
    Favorite points

    general high -quality natural agate has glass and oil quality, natural patterns are bright and fast, natural and pure, smooth and smooth; natural and smooth texture, the most important thing is, the most important thing is, the most important thing is, the most important thing is, the most important thing is, the most important thing is that the most important thing is that the most important thing is that the most important thing is that the most important thing is. The agate has gradient color, its color is clear, the sense of layering is strong, and the strips are obvious. The color and luster of the quality of agate are worse. The color of agate usually determines its appreciation potential. All levels of agate are the best with red, blue, purple, and pink. The color must be translucent, and there should be no impurities, no sand heart, no cracks.
    production process
    The natural agate stone is hard, lubricated, and dignified, so its carvings are more effort than jade carving. Generally speaking, agate that is carefully carved by capable craftsmen has high collection value, and the thinner agate is carved more difficult. If you see the old Ming and Qing agate, which is particularly good in the market, be careful, it is a modern imitation. Because of the carving process at the time, the wire holes in the middle could not be smooth, and they were generally crooked and reversed. If you see a very smooth thread hole, you can basically determine whether it is imitation or fake.

    This with characteristics of agate collections with characteristics is high. The texture of agate is very hard, and there are dozens of processes to make. Therefore, the more complicated the shape, the higher the cost, the more natural, and the higher the value.
    7 mythology
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    When the goddess Avereudi, the goddess of love and beauty, when she was sleeping in the shade of the tree, her son love God Elos, secretly

    Mimine agate single -ear cup
    This cut her glittering nails and flew into the sky with my nails with joy. Eros flew into the air accidentally removed the nails, and the nails that dropped to the ground became a stone, which was agate. Therefore, some people think that having agate can strengthen love and adjust the feelings between themselves and their lover. In the myth of Japan, Yuzu's Mingyu was ordered to dedicate to the Great God of the Temple, which is a crescent green agate, which is one of the three artifacts of Japan. "Taiping Guangji" also has "agate, ghost blood." It added a little strange color to agate.
    Tyine has been regarded as a symbol of beauty, happiness, auspiciousness, and wealth since ancient times. Because of its magnificence, hard, and rare characteristics, it is awarded the "jade" crown. Fuxin, located in western Liaoning, is the main agate origin, processing place, and agate product distribution center in China. The agate resources are rich in reserves, accounting for more than 50%of the national reserves, and the texture is excellent.
    Fuxin is rich in agate, not only rich in color, magnificent texture, complete variety, but also precious water gall agate. The red agate in Zhenwo Village, Laohe Township, Fuxin County, and the green agate in the front mountain of Meili Ban Village is extremely precious. The processing industry of Fuxin Ageline is particularly developed, and its works have won the "Tiangong Award" of the Big Jade Verdles in the country for several consecutive years.
    The legend that ancient agate can make people invisible, making agate more respected and loved by people for thousands of years. Because of the beautiful appearance and tough texture of agate, people make her into decorations and practical products. Agate is one of the oldest jade. This can be proven from agate's amulets, containers and decorative parts of agate and Egyptians. In the Roman era, the ate rejuvenation (yin carved jade) stamps and rings were particularly favored by people. Agate is one of the "fire stones" recorded in the Bible ("Old Testament"). The Bible is a record of giving agate to Moses and wearing on Aaron's chest armor ("Exodus"). Agate series-red stripe agate is one of the twelve gems used in the cornerstone of the wall of Jerusalem ("Revelation"). According to the early writer CAESURE's explanation, twelve gems of Jerusalem symbolized twelve Christian missionaries, respectively, and the red stripe agate symbolizes James missionaries.
    8 Boutique Agate appreciation

    Thousands of agate thousands of jade, but agate is not just a visual impact,
    n Zhang)
    The stunning brought by nature!
    9 Fan name

    Agate: Tibetan singers, known as "the most beautiful women in the world", "Dedma who sings Tibetan songs" Fans are called "agate"

  2. wholesale stainless steel jewelry nyc There are agate around the world, among which one of the famous producing areas in Inner Mongolia Alashan.
    The blood gall agate is the most expensive and perfect stone in the world, that is, "blood gallbladder Jinlian", which is the "fish in fish", "bile in the stone", "gallbladder in the stone", "gallbladder in the stone" that nature and humans cannot break through There is a "legend.
    The top -level stones in China (its place of production is the Alashan desert of Inner Mongolia)

    1, blood gallbladder Jinlian (165 million yuan);
    2, East, East, East, East, East, East, East, East, East, East, East, East Slopes (130 million yuan);
    3, chicks out of the shell (130 million yuan);
    4, the old man (96 million yuan).

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