wholesale jewelry mississauga When did people start wearing a ring and how did the ring appear?

wholesale jewelry mississauga

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    The contemporary young people to buy a favorite wedding ring to be worn, and there are many styles of wedding ring materials that can be selected, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls, gems, jadeite, emerald, emerald, and many more.

    The ring is a kind of decoration worn on the finger. It can be said that anyone can wear it. Above, it means that it is single. If you get married, of course, you need to wear a ring with each other, and you need to wear it on the ring finger, which means that you have a marriage. So what is the source of wedding rings? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

    In data, China had wearing a ring about 4,000 years ago. Later, when it came to the Qin and Han dynasties, women wearing rings were even more common. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the folk had regarded the ring as a fixed love, which continued to this day.

    So where is the source of wedding rings? The origin of the ring is actually the palace of ancient China. Women's wearing rings are used to remember, and it can also be said that it is forbidden and stop. Everyone knows that the emperor has the San Palace and the Sixth Court. The seventy -two concubine. If the emperor is seen, the eunuch will write down the date of her accompanying the king, and then put a silver ring on his right hand as a mark. If so When the concubine is pregnant, he will put a gold ring on the left hand to show the ring.

    of course, there are some legends from the source of wedding rings. For example, women in ancient men grabbed other tribes to wear shackles and later evolved into wedding rings; The identity was displayed, so I designed a ring, worn on the fingers, became a ring and so on. How does the specific wedding ring come? There is still no conclusion. If it is more reliable, the ancient court is more realistic.

    This above, do you understand the source of wedding rings? The wedding ring is a symbol of love, and it is also a token of two people. The key to this token is not how high its price is, but the love between the two for each other. When buying the right budget, you should buy it according to your budget. Do not cause a large economic burden on the ring, so that the two people will have a great pressure after marriage. Generally speaking, buying more than 4,000 wedding rings is almost the same. You can wait until the future living conditions are good before buying.

  2. wholesale jewelry in dallas texas When I was married, I took a ring during the Qin and Han dynasties. At this time, the woman paid attention to the appearance, so they would buy a ring to wear it on their hands. Later, the ring represents the token between men and women during the Eastern Han Dynasty. The ring during the Tang Dynasty was very popular. Love ring.

  3. linen jewelry displays wholesale About the 19th century, the diamond ring began to use frequently in the wedding ring; the wedding ring originated in ancient Egypt. In ancient times, the Egyptian people began to wear rings after they got married.

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