bogota wholesale jewelry Guangzhou small jewelry wholesale market? Are there any small accessories?

bogota wholesale jewelry

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  1. edge jewelry wholesale On the side of Yide Road, there is a Wan Ling Square, the largest small jewelry wholesale place in Guangzhou, a total of six floors, one point is enough for you to criticize. The negative floor is plush dolls. Small jewelry, now there are scarves, hats, gloves and the like in winter, as well as cosmetics such as nail polish, mask, etc. In short, all small accessories in boutique shops are available, but some stores are different. Three. The nearby subway is Haizhu Plaza Station, B exports to B, and the station is Haizhu Square (Qiaoguangdong) Station. hope this helps.

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  4. wholesale jewelry for retailers I want to enter a batch of Korean jewelry. Is there any Guangzhou trinch wholesale market? There are not many styles? Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Network is just fine. However, Korean jewelry sources are still very rare in Guangzhou. There are many imitations

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