Do you know the basic knowledge of car tires

As we all know, as the only car and the ground has "hard contact" accessories tire for ensuring our driving safety has a very important role, especially when we are ready to long distance driving before and after must carry out a certain inspection of our car tires, because this will determine the safety of our lives, And a lot of accidents on the highway are caused by a tire burst, in fact, this kind of thing is completely avoidable, as long as we have nothing to look at the car tire can prevent the occurrence of accidents.

And the same we all know that sometimes our car tires to a certain mileage or after a certain time will become seriously worn, at this time we need to replace the tire, so, in the face of so many car tires on the market, what kind of car tires should be suitable for our car? Do you know the basic knowledge of each brand of car tire? Before you change a tire, check with side dump trailer manufacturers.

First of all, we are more familiar with and more famous in the tire industry "Michelin", in fact, relatively speaking, the Michelin brand of tires is standing at the top of a position in the tire industry, especially in the tire quiet performance is no tire can be compared, the performance of the vehicle has been drainage is very good, The price of Michelin tires is also the most expensive, and the service life is not very long, but this kind of tires are used for some high-end models, and some of its shortcomings in the eyes of people who can afford these cars is not certain

We can find that many German cars mainly use horse tires, and as the largest auto parts supplier in the European market, its biggest feature is low noise, but compared with Michelin's silent tires, it is still a little less interesting, and its overall grip ability is very ordinary, and easy to wear. Therefore, this kind of tire is not very suitable in the domestic market, and the imported tires are expensive, so Michelin will give comparison.

There is Bridgestone, as we all know, this is a pure Japanese tire brand, its biggest feature is economic benefits, because the wear resistance of this brand of tires is very high, the most critical is the appearance of comfort and quiet is good, and the performance of all aspects is also regular. Of all the high-end tires, this brand is wear-resistant, and we often see this tire on the Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class.

In fact, all comprehensive tires have their own unique advantages, like Michelin silent tires in all the brands of tires is "unmatched", when we choose tires according to our usual needs, if you want to control, you must accept a lot of noise, if you want comfort, You have to accept that its sense of control is not shown, in fact, suitable for our vehicle tire is the best.

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