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  1. Bank retail business (also known as retail finance business) mainly refers to commercial banks with natural persons or families and small enterprises as service objects, providing various types of financial services such as deposits, financing, entrusted financial management, securities transactions, agency services, and commissioned consultations. It is the main way for commercial banks to provide one -stop packaging products and services. It is the main tool for commercial banks to open up new markets, new areas, and new business methods. The retail business is the service of individual customers. It is divided into retail and the company. All services to the individual are retail business. Because credit cards are sold to individuals, of course, he belongs to retail. Including daily access, rental and guarantee boxes, etc. are retail business.
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    1. Savings business
    The city and rural residents will temporarily deposit currency income that is not in use or balance into a deposit activity in banks or other financial institutions. Also known as savings deposit. Savings deposits are an important source of funds for credit institutions. The development of savings business can promote the adjustment of national economic proportion and structure to a certain extent. It can gather economic construction funds, stabilize market prices, regulate currency circulation, guide consumption, and help the masses arrange life. Different from China, the concept of savings through Western economics is that savings are parts that are not used in currency income for consumption. This savings include not only personal savings, but also company savings and government savings. The contents of savings include deposits, securities and handheld cash purchased in banks.
    2. Loan business
    The bank or other financial institutions in a credit activity form of borrowing money in accordance with certain interest rates and must be returned. The general term of loans refers to loans, discounting, and overdrafts. The bank's concentrated currency and currency funds through loans can meet the needs of supplementary funds for social expansion of reproduction and promote economic development. At the same time, banks can also obtain loan interest income and increase bank accumulation.
    3. Electronic banking
    is to provide a URL uniformly provided by a bank head office, and all transactions are completed by the server of the head office. The branch institutions only accept the application of on -site account opening and issue relevant software and hardware;
    The second is to have the URL with each sub -behavior unit and connect with each other. The customer transactions are completed by the local server. The data is connected to the head office through the internal network of the bank. Essence The first model is represented by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and CITIC Industrial Bank; the second model is adopted by CCB and China Merchants Bank.

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