What is a circle recruitment? What are the advantages of circle recruitment and ordinary recruitment?

Someone mentioned the recruitment of the circle before, but I do n’t know what the circle recruitment means. It feels like an emerging method of recruitment?

4 thoughts on “What is a circle recruitment? What are the advantages of circle recruitment and ordinary recruitment?”

  1. Circle recruitment is a way that is different from on -site recruitment and talent network recruitment. It is a way to recruit in the development of social networks and in an influential social network. At present, mainstream social networking sites, mainstream social networking sites, In particular, professional social networking sites like Beauty Life Network have opened special industry circles as a platform for active circle recruitment.
    1. The recruitment of the circle is very strong. Generally, it is on the industry circle of the corresponding professional social networking site, professional forum or individual blog of the recruitment enterprise. Generally, they have deep interest or work experience in some jobs, so the hit rate of recruitment is relatively high.
    2, the cost is low. Generally speaking, recruitment does not need to pay in these circles, and the recruitment process is generally carried out in one question and answer. There are not too many procedures, so the cost is relatively low.
    but there are also disadvantages:
    1. The range of recruitment audience is relatively small
    It because of this method, it mainly uses blogging and instant chat tools. Once the job seekers do not access the Internet or do not online, they cannot receive recruitment information. Therefore, generally adopting circles or group recruitment are mainly IT companies, foreign companies, and media units that are closely related to the Internet.
    2. The recruitment efficiency is relatively low
    It requires enough time to recruit in the circle. After a long period of chat and in -depth communication, after all, it is not a mainstream recruitment channel. It can only try occasionally. For recruitment, recruitment For enterprises with tight time and high degree of intensiveness, the recruitment efficiency of the circle is too low, and it may even be mistaken. Therefore, in general, circle recruitment can only be a supplementary channel.
    3, lack of supervision
    Circle recruitment is different from on -site recruitment and talent network recruitment, because it only publishes recruitment information and application on some social channels. There are no special regulatory personnel and regulatory rules, so it is very easy to recruit some recruitment. trap.

  2. Circle recruitment is based on social relations. It is different from traditional recruitment methods. It is no longer like a traditional recruitment model. The employer will publish job information. The model of the model obtains job information through social relations.

    Plip recruitment with the advantages of traditional recruitment
    1. It is easy to build your own connection circle. Circle recruitment is different from traditional recruitment methods. Establish a micro -connection in the middle to help newcomers build their own connections.
    2. It is easy to obtain more industry information including job search information and work experience. The environment of the workplace.

    The recruitment websites will provide similar functions, such as Cool Fang's circle, pull -hook duty, etc. are to help users create a professional circle that suits them.

    The jeuted students think that the first internship is particularly difficult to find. It is indeed the case, because most students are looking for internships. The consciousness of establishing information channels has missed a lot of internship information.

    It is recommended to add suitable small circles when looking for internships and work, and obtain more job information through circles. After all, people are more powerful!

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