What are the traditional Christmas decorations

Christmas is a very grand festival in Western countries, foreign families will begin to prepare and buy Christmas decorations early to decorate the house, do you know what the traditional Christmas decorations are? Now let's take you to understand custom christmas snowglobe.

What are the traditional Christmas decorations?

1. Christmas socks. In Western fairy tales, every Christmas Eve, Santa Claus climbs down the chimney into the house and gives presents to children. The presents are then placed in Christmas stockings. Therefore, Christmas stockings are usually placed on the bed or hung on the wall. The size of Christmas stockings also depends on the size of the gift you expect to receive, so Christmas stockings are an essential traditional Christmas decoration.

2. Santa Hats. At Christmas, we can see the figure of the Christmas hat in the streets of western countries. Wearing the Christmas hat can not only increase the festive atmosphere, but also bring people a warm and comfortable feeling.

3. Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is a major task for every Western family before Christmas. An evergreen plant (such as a pine tree) is usually found and placed indoors, decorated with lights, ribbons, and decorated with pendants such as snowflakes, Santa Claus, elk, stars, and Christmas wreaths. The glittering Christmas tree can be said to be the indispensable Christmas decoration.

4. Christmas wreaths. CHRISTMAS wreaths are made of evergreen trees. They are usually decorated with pinecones, ribbons and bows. They are hung on walls or doors with the MERRY CHRISTMAS message.

After learning about the traditional Christmas decorations, what activities can couples prepare for a romantic Christmas?

How do couples celebrate Christmas
1. Have a Christmas COSPLAY PARTY. If you want to have a lively Christmas, hosting a party is a good choice. Couples can decorate their homes with Christmas decorations in advance, and inform their friends to hold a drag party. Imagine friends dressed as Santa Claus, snowman, elk, etc., everyone together must be a lively scene.

2. Take a Christmas photo shoot. If you want to have a memorable Christmas, a couple photo shoot is a good choice. Couples wearing Christmas hats, holding Christmas stockings, and with some scenes with a strong Christmas atmosphere, will be permanently fixed at the moment, not only can increase the new interaction between the couple, later again read these photos will also remember the happiness at that time.

3. Decorate the Christmas tree together. Who says memorable Christmas events have to be outside? Two people together to buy Christmas hats, Christmas stockings and other decoration, according to the two people's mind will be an ordinary small tree dressed as a magnificent Christmas tree, not only can increase the tacit understanding of two people, together efforts will also make two people full of sense of achievement.

4. Give each other presents to put in Christmas stockings. Preparing gifts for loved ones is actually a very happy thing, as long as you want each other's happiness and joy when opening gifts, then preparing gifts is full of motivation. On Christmas Day, couples can put gifts prepared for each other in Christmas stockings and hide them in the corners of their homes for each other to look for, which is not only full of fun but also touching to each other.

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