The FIFA council has made big changes

According to The Times and Telegraph, the International Football Association Board is considering a series of major reforms, including a "basketball-style" stoppage schedule, concussion substitutes and clarity on the offside rule.

FIFA and representatives of the four countries will discuss three options to promote an increase in net playing time. Net playing time in the Premier League has hit an all-time low this season. The latest World Football Country Rankings.

A number of options will be discussed, such as following the existing rules, with referees making strict decisions and goalkeepers penalising if they hold the ball for more than six seconds. Following the example of the Qatar World Cup, referees carefully count the amount of time wasted on the pitch and then award stoppage time.

The meeting will also discuss "basketball-style" stoppage timing, with Manchester United director Sir Alex Ferguson and former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein among supporters of the idea.

New analysis by Sky Sports has found that net playing time has fallen in the Premier League this season, with less than 56 per cent of a game being played and players increasingly "dawdling". This is a problem across Europe, with the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga having less net playing time than the Premier League.

The referee may add time at his discretion to take into account substitutions, injured players coming off the field, delays, loss of time in refereeing decisions, hydration, VAR involvement and goal celebrations.

Independent timekeepers could be introduced to take the place of umpires, The Times added.

On Wednesday, the meeting will also discuss rules for substitutions in the event of a concussion, which could be similar to those used in rugby.

They will also discuss guidelines for clarifying offside calls. Rashford's decision to influence Manchester City's players has been debated after a controversial goal by Manchester United's Fee last season.

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