antique jewelry wholesale market How to distinguish Platinum necklaces with gold content

antique jewelry wholesale market

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  1. wholesale jewelry stores Platinum is platinum in precious metals. Platinum jewelry is called platinum jewelry. It is white and has a strong metal luster like gold, which is loved by consumers. Because the content of platinum in the crust is less than gold, it is more scattered and more difficult to extract, so it is more expensive than gold and higher prices. Platinum has become the most expensive metal in precious metals, and platinum jewelry has become the top grade in gold jewelry. Platinum jewelry is also the same as gold jewelry. It has both pure platinum and "K platinum" mixed with impurities such as metal, 钯, and cobalt. Pure platinum materials are softer and small in strength; K platinum materials are harder, and the strength and toughness are greatly enhanced. K platinum platinum content is mostly represented by dry scores.
    The pure platinum platinum content of 950 or more, K platinum platinum content is 900 "60, 8509 (O et al. It is also expressed in use, such as 99 % of the platinum content, identification of gold and silver jewelry on the jewelry 13 , Engraved with "99 platinum". The platinum content represented by the K number is the same as the gold. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the real platinum is too expensive. In order to reduce the cost, the so -called "K platinum" appearing in the jewelry market appears That is, gold and other metal -made white alloys. For example, gold and nickel, silver, copper, zinc, etc. are made into imitation platinum jewelry. Whether or not "K platinum" in imitation platinum jewelry is white alloy. The authenticity of platinum jewelry can be determined from the following 9 aspects.

    (1) See color: real platinum color It is blue and white, and the color is high; the blue and white yellow is the ingredients of gold or copper in platinum, which is secondary; the silver is the lowest silver component in the white gold, which is the lowest color. R n (2) Fire burning test: Platinum can only be burned in ordinary fires and can only burn red or melted. After burning, it has more than 95 % platinum, the color is more white, the luster is beautiful, the brightness is eye -catching; The colors and luster are unchanged, and the brighter the brighter; the color 709 "The platinum burned is slightly dark after burning. After the fake platinum burn, it becomes black, and it is easy to melt. The density is 21.4, which is 10 % heavier than gold, and heavier than other metals. It is obviously falling when it is used. Compared with known gold, the relative density is platinum and the light is fake. 4) Listening to the rhyme: After the pure platinum fire is burned, the sound of "Toto" has no rhyme and stuffy; if it is impure or fake, the sound of "Ding Ding" has the sound of the sound of the sound.
    ((( 5) Bending the mouth: When the pure platinum is bent, due to good ductility, softness is not easy to break, and it can become a platinum foil with O.0025mm. The higher the taller, the soft the mouth is soft; Drive strip marks on the porcelain plate, add a small amount of salt (half of the golden road), then add nitric acid to the salt, add the salt to the degree of penetration of nitric acid for 15 minutes, and then rinse the salt and nitric acid with water. It is platinum, with a color of more than 95 %, and the color of the golden road is unchanged; the color of about 90 %, the color of the golden road has changed slightly; the color of the color is about 70 %, the golden road becomes black and gray, and it is corroded to one layer.
    (7) SBR trial: Use platinum to absorb mercury (mercury) at room temperature, and the characteristics of yellow · 14 · jewelry and department store quality identification and purchase of gold and silver absorb mercury, draw marks on the coarse porcelain plates After adding mercury, if it is not absorbed, it means that it is true platinum; if it is absorbed, it means that it is a pseudo -prepared product for gold or silver. After one or two minutes , Platinum red, the gas lamp was ordered. If the platinum is fake, it will not be red, and the lights will not be ordered. This is because Platinum has the combination of accelerated gas and oxygen in the air. It releases a lot of heat to make the platinum red, and finally light the gas light.

    (9) Platinum powder in hydrogen peroxide: Put the platinum powder in hydrogen peroxide, it is a real platinum, immediately the white waves roll, and decompose a large amount of oxygen, but the platinum powder is a lot at all; if it is fake platinum, Can't afford to change. This is because Platinum has the effect of hypoxide decomposition.

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