wholesale fine jewelry companies Why is it better to have a birthday in Sanya, Hainan?

wholesale fine jewelry companies There are not many people invited, so I want to make an unforgettable and not spend too many fun places. I ask you all to help you tell the address and how to pass it. Thank you

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  1. nifty jewelry wholesale I have been there, but when the consumption is very high at that time, if you want to save it, you must solve it on the root. In fact, you do n’t need to waste it at all. You can get a bonfire party by the sea, play with roast fish, and so on You can also volleyball in Shanghai Swimming Beach. I think you are a student. I also know that students can do so, but you can do this, but you also look at the local conditions. But there is no blessing like this.
    If you are fashionable, you will get a cake party at Di Bar. It is completely crazy. There may be the opportunity to see the ugly state of girls and let you do crazy things. What kind of birthday I like I don't know if I can only give you a guide on you. One is the beach and the other is Di. It would be expensive if you went to the hotel. It is not recommended to go, you can also go to the skating plant to play a rotary trojan, but you have to plan the ice. You make a wish in the middle, and others are circling outside.
    but I have an idea, paying for a DV, wrapped in a seaside room, a small point on the room with candles and placing a happy birthday, making a more amazing game by the sea for passers -by to notice you Slowly let your good friends or couples blindfold your eyes to take you to the house, and launch a 10 -story cake to sing a birthday song together in the middle of the happy birthday. This is the most memorable. At that time, I still rented a car and my object. Finally, I did it in the cabin. I hope to give you a framework.

  2. dozen jewelry wholesale ... Unforgettable, you can go to the supermarket to buy barbecue gear, rent a few tents, and then take friends to the seaside with not too many people to grill. I live there at night. I organized it 2 months ago. It's fun

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