stainless steel hip hop jewelry wholesale Zhou Dafu inheritance series gold jewelry, "CTF Foot Gold 999 HR" marked above, what does this "HR" mean?

stainless steel hip hop jewelry wholesale

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  1. time and tru jewelry wholesale HR is the code of making the factory. Different batches and different styles are often made of different factories, so it is also a product of Chow Tai Fook. The latter factory code may be different.
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    Extension information:
    The iconic brand of the group was founded in 1929. The symbol of positive goods is known for its product design, quality and value. In order to meet the different needs of consumers, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery has the two major shop styles of mainstream stores and experience stores.
    1, iconic products
    Weekly Dafu Jewelry provides four major products categories for customers' different needs, which are classic, fashionable, marriage and exclusive.
    classic products give customers a long -lasting feeling. Fashion jewelry uses a trendy design to integrate jewelry into daily fashion assembly. The wedding product accompanies the new page of the newcomer into life. Zhou Dafu Jewelry also launched exclusive products through cooperation with other brands to bring customers innovative and diversified product choices.
    2, mainstream stores
    Weekly Dafu Jewelry continues to optimize store image and product display, providing excellent customer experience. The latest decoration of the mainstream store is the theme of the "suitcase" representing the journey of life. In addition to the brand's representative color red, the interior design is also added to the young and lively pink.
    It, in terms of product display, it is divided into classics, fashion, marriage, and exclusive four core product categories for the emotional demands of consumers to upgrade the brand image, product design and customer experience. Customer characteristics and product portfolio consistent shopping environment.
    3, experience store
    The theme experience store uses "transmission" and "ritual" as the main design concept, bringing innovative shopping experience to customers. "Chuan" means inheritance. It is an experience store based on insurance libraries as design elements. The store specially adds innovative concepts such as the "Rotary Jewelry Exhibition Desk" and "DIY Gift Packaging", giving a refreshing feeling.
    The theme of another experience store is "Li", which means giving gifts, then use gift boxes as design elements, expressing the joy of gifts through colorful decoration; Display design so that customers can freely choose their favorite gifts.
    Reference information Source: Zhou Dafu official website-Chow Tai Fook Jewelry

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