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  1. wholesale jewelry bead supply near my location What is the announcement of the state for banning the banquet in 2021?
    At present, the country has not issued a ban on banquets, but some provinces in my country have issued relevant regulations for wine -run matches, and sort out the following:
    1. The announcement of the announcement stated that the relevant matters of the cadres and the masses of the "school feast" and "Xie Shi Banquet" were stipulated. Party members and cadres and public officials must resolutely achieve the "three no", that is,: not operating, not participating, and not supporting.
    2. Lobo County, Qiannan Prefecture
    On August 4, 2020, Libo County, Qiannan Prefecture issued an announcement, and provisions on the relevant matters of the cadres and the masses to operate the "advanced school banquet" and "Xie Shi Banquet". It is strictly forbidden to operate the "Academic Banquet" and "Xie Shi Banquet" in violation of regulations, and use the opportunity of children to accept the opportunities to receive gifts, gifts, consumer cards and other items illegally.
    3. Yuqing County, Zunyi City
    On July 30, 2020, Yuqing County Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs will concentrate their strengths to increase the "promotion banquets", "champion wine" and "Xie Shi Banquets" of cadres and employees. "The rectification of other behaviors discovered the problems seriously.
    4. Dushan County, Qiannan Prefecture
    The citizens who violate the regulations to perform a banquet. Once verified, the organizer shall return the gift unconditionally, and the hotel that undertakes the banquet will be punished.
    5. Zhenning Autonomous County
    It to avoid all banquets such as weddings caused a new type of coronary virus infection, from 8:00 on January 27, 2020, all banquets such as weddings in Zhenning Autonomous County.
    6. Qinglong County
    On December 18, 2020, Qinglong County responded to the leading group of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic prevention and control. Disdoing the risk of communication brought by the gathering of staff and gathers. Allowing the types of wines and liquor and funeral wines are allowed, except for both of them.
    can you hold a banquet at the end of 2021?
    1. Except for the notice of the ban on banquets in some areas of Guizhou, no notifications are issued in other regions, so areas with small risks should be able to handle it. It depends on the local policy notification, because according to the current epidemic situation in November, It is possible to run a banquet at the end of the year at the end of the year. However, for the sake of safety, it is still early to complete the banquet.
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    2. Most of the new cases appearing in my country are overseas inputs, and for those who come abroad to China, the country has done it as soon as The scale production will not be prohibited from the banquet as a large scale like the Spring Festival in 2020.
    In summary, in addition to local officials that public officials cannot handle banquets, low -risk areas can be held at the end of the year.

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