4 thoughts on “How about the diamond ring of the century?”

  1. I pretty the couple customized from the century, and then the naked diamonds that were selected first and then set. After the things came, I always felt that it was relatively good and the price was low, so I was worried about whether it was ... As a result, I asked my friends to find someone who knows it. I said that there is no problem with the ring workmanship. Diamonds are particularly good! I rest assured in an instant, is it cheaper? Intersection As for after -sales service, I really do n’t know. I have n’t done maintenance yet ~ It seems that it should be okay!

  2. The impact of cutting on diamond value can usually reach about 30%-40%. The key to choosing diamond ring is to look at quality, and the advantages and disadvantages of cutting directly affect the quality of diamonds. Choose high -quality diamonds with good quality diamonds. The century's fate seems to be promoted to do high -quality cutting diamonds for many years. It should be said to be more professional.

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