Shanghai small jewelry wholesale free agency sales?

Who can the Shanghai small jewelry wholesale can be sold for free? I have found a lot of home accessories wholesale websites in Shanghai. The threshold is too high. Isn't it necessary for this fee or which fee is it? Do you really want to sell for the wholesale of small jewelry? what!

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  1. Now there are fewer free selling sales on online stores. Most of them have to pay. What are the pre -deposit funds and some have to join the fee.

    It, I do n’t know if you know if you have a very popular market in creative home. I know that interesting play is very successful, but they do not provide agency sales at the online store. I know that there is a free substitute sales that seems to be called "Heshun Home Creative Home", and I can't remember the website. I have seen it before. At that time, I also wanted to do agency sales, so I knew it and it was completely free. There is also a look at the sales navigation of some online stores. Be careful not to look at the advertisement. You must really understand whether the price of their price is advantageous!

  2. I don't recommend you to do it for free!

    The proxy network as China's largest accessories substitution mall provides high -quality supply and services for each store,

    . Our advantage is as follows:

    Seven advantages create high -quality network suppliers

    1. No need to purchase or press the goods! To solve the problem of batch paving funds, avoid the risk of crushing due to blind purchase;

    2, providing product pictures, professional photographers taken by professional photographers to make the product more realistic and attractive And retain customers;

    3. Provide Taobao and batch data packets, which can quickly upload products in batches, saving time and effort, saving agents to go to the shelves; Comprehensive product introduction information, including commodity size, color, fabric, market price, etc., and customer service staff answered new questions raised by the guests at any time;

    5. The quantity can be released on one piece. Solving the problem that part -time agents are not shipped by the agent;

    6. Provide a detailed use tutorial for the product data packet, so that you can understand the batch of batch skills in a shorter time, and be more familiar with the product listing process;

    7, the mall provides a variety of promotional methods and free delivery of gifts for agents, for agents to operate flexibly and vivid stores.

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