What is the principle of the treasure hunting instrument everywhere, can I really find gold and silver jewelry?

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  1. Occasionally, I can see some unknown people carrying a little thing like the mines in the movie that year. After the demolition of some old residential areas, some are also reported online. Can these devices really find a baby? What is their treasure hunting principle?
    what is the principle of treasure hunting instrument and what can it find?
    The so -called treasure hunting instruments refer to the metal detector, such as the underground gold ware or silver device and bronze, or the copper coins, etc. It is true that the device is here!
    The principle of metal detector is actually very simple. It uses a high -frequency current in the metal coil, which is equivalent to a hollow coil that can produce a magnetic field. Then these interlaced magnetic fields will induced the vortex on the metal. These eddy currents will affect the magnetic field in the hollow coil. At this time, monitoring the changes in these magnetic fields, you can perceive whether there are metal objects nearby!
    Although the principle is very simple, it is also very realistic, because the metal detector can indeed find the metal, but remember that this is a metal instead of a baby, and most of the time I think it has found an underground baby, such as a demolition in a demolition. In the ancient city area, you thought it might be a golden ingot, or a silver ingot, and it was necessary to be a silver coin, or it was okay to find an ancient coin. A few years ago, it was a beer bottle cap, or a rusty big iron nail!
    Is detectors that can distinguish underground metals?
    The answer is actually yes. The above is only the simplest principle. No matter any metal, you can call the police, or even some mineralization reactions, etc. So what can you do to distinguish various metals? You have to understand from the principle of metal detector!
    Bet according to the detection principle, the metal detector can be divided into electromagnetic induction type, X -ray detection type, microwave detection type. Of course, X -rays are transmitted, which need to be launched at one end, received at the other end, or a X -ray reflection reflection Noodles, for example, need to set up a reflection surface behind the teeth when radiography. Therefore, common metal detectors generally refer to electromagnetic types. The principle of two excellent metal detectors is recommended below:
    The low -frequency (VLF) metal detector, also known as an induced balanced metal detector
    This is this It is currently the most popular metal detector. It has two coils, one is the transmitted outer ring coil. After the circular coil is launched, the electromagnetic wave launched after the underground metal object sensing after the sensor. This electromagnetic wave can be displayed on the display by the alarm or electromagnetic wave numerical feature after receiving the coil. One depth.
    VLF technology has a certain metal recognition ability, because different metals have different conductivity and resistance values, VLF metal detectors can use the electronic lines of the phase solvents to measure the phase shift volume, and the already available, and the already available. Know the average of metal mitigation comparison, so as to judge the nature of this metal!
    This more metal detector can even set the neglect range, such as a specific value shielded, only alarm response to the value of a certain range, such as ignoring objects such as the canned cans and iron nails, but but It is also possible to miss the ring or items similar to iron nails.
    The metal detector of pulse induction (PI) technology
    This can use a single coil to complete the launch and receiving task, or the time -sharing working method of multiple coils to complete the task. Pulse signals, when there is metal objects in the ground, the signal will form a similar echo signal on the metal. The coil receives this signal in the launch and the next launch gap, thereby judging whether there is metal object underground.
    PI technology is not suitable for identifying metal species, but according to data, PI technology is better in detecting small pieces of gold. In the severe mineralization soil, the PI detector is also better. However, PI technology has no differential detection metal, and it can even be used underwater. This is the advantage of PI detection technology!
    The underground metal detector of the pulse principle
    The treasure hunting instrument that claims to distinguish various metals on the market is as good as hairy, but it is impossible to really distinguish the metal and accurate. The reason is that the underground environment is not complicated, and it is by no means comparable to the simulation environment. Of course, it is better to perform well in treasure hunting. 350, but the problem is that the price is tens of thousands of tens of thousands. You can consider it before buying.
    The handheld metal detector
    It also metal detector not only a treasure hunt, but also a safe -check -in handheld product (BFO mode, which is relatively low in accuracy, suitable for no contact search), as well as fixed door types Metal detectors, even screening metal particles in agricultural products or plastic products, and so on.
    does not only have metals, such as porcelain and other treasures, how to find it?
    In addition to electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves can also penetrate the formation. For example The large -scale imaging can reach a square kilometer, or even higher, and the depth can reach tens of thousands of meters or even penetrate the earth (using the earthquake waves of large earthquakes)!
    of course it can also be used in the detection of underground antiques, such as looking for gold jewelry and various porcelain bronze, but the main function of ultrasonic is underground three -dimensional imaging. , But identifying the metal category is a bit difficult, so the best way may be that the metal detector scan, and then the ultrasonic imaging, the cooperation between the two can have a general understanding of the ground before excavation!
    but the price of an excellent ultrasonic imaging is also a bar. You can buy it back and try, and then find a friend with a top metal detector.
    Can you really find your baby with these devices?
    Of course, the baby can be found with a metal detector, but even the top -level metal detector, the misunderstanding rate is very high, so although you can see the detector in various news, find an ancient gold coin or other valuable values ​​in various news, or other valuable values. Reports such as jewelry objects, but in fact, this is a survivor deviation, because there are still a large number of friends who bought treasure hunting instruments, and they silently contribute tuition to the entire industry!
    The treasure hunting enthusiasts found the legendary Finn treasure, with a value of $ 2 million in cultural relics jewelry
    but we never wiped your dream of getting rich, maybe the next news happened in you It, of course, you can get rich silently. As for why, let's not say much!
    This Reading: Luoyang shovel
    The friends who prefer to see the theme of tomb themes, I must know that Luoyang shovel is the ancient Chinese underground detection equipment, but it is not used to locate gold and silver wares, but but it is not used to locate gold and silver wares, but but It is a combination of feng shui to locate the ancient tombs, because there is a big difference in the coverage of the ancient tombs. According to the soil difference between Luoyang shovel, the location of the tomb can be accurately positioned!
    of course, you don't think that Luoyang shovel is done by grave robber. In fact, archeologists also use Luoyang shovel, and the threshold for the use of Luoyang shovel is relatively low, so it is not good. Except for fun and other uses, don't try it on your body!

  2. The treasure hunting instrument for treasure hunt is often made of magnets. When a place with gold and silver jewelry, the treasure hunting instrument made from magnets reacts due to magnetism.

  3. In fact, it is an underground metal detector. Of course, you can find treasures. If a large number of metals are buried underground, we can feel the location of the metal through this instrument.

  4. In fact, the metal detector is only induced to the multi -metal, and it does not respond to any other jewelry and jade. As long as there is an iron thing in the ground, iron nails, iron rods, etc., there will be reactions to discover them.

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